Me 1 Microflows
Peter Ehrhard (TU Dortmund), Steffen Hardt (TU Darmstadt)

Tobias Baier (TU Darmstadt): Thermally and electrically driven flow along superhydrophobic surfaces
Konrad Boettcher (TU Dortmund): Radial spreading and stability of thin films
Dieter Bothe (TU Darmstadt): A hybrid model for the numerical simulation of reactive mixing in a T-shaped micromixer
H. Herwig, B. Schmandt (TU Hamburg-Harburg): Loss coefficients for the design of micro-flow systems
Markus Rauscher (MPI f├╝r Metallforschung Stuttgart): Dynamic density functional theory for suspensions - hydrodynamic aspects
Arthur Straube (HU Berlin): Bubbles as soft objects: Dynamics away from and in contact with surfaces