Contributing a Short Communication or a Minisymposium Talk

Guidelines for Short Communications and Minisymposium Talks

Participants are invited to present a short communication in one of the sections (20 minutes presentation time, incl. discussion). For a contribution to a minisymposium, an invitation from the respective organizers is required.


Abstracts (1500 characters) are required for contributions to the sections of short communications and for minisymposium talks. The abstracts will serve as the basis for the decision on acceptance. Abstracts may be written in English or German. English is preferred. Each participant is allowed to present one paper only. The collected abstracts will be published online and distributed to all participants

Submission of Abstracts

Before submission of an abstract, registration through the conference administration tool set CATS

(login to CATS)

is required. For information on the registration please refer to the registration button.
Registration and abstract submission must be made online. An online abstract submission form is available at the conference website.
Deadline for the submission of abstracts is December 31, 2010.

Abstract Upload

The upload of the abstracts is performed in three steps.

1st step

The form should be filled in as written next to each field. In the field for the text of the abstract, please fill in ASCII text. The abstract is limited to 1500 characters, including the blanks. If you wish to include formulas, please use the usual LATEX commands. The packages amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb are available. When using labels and references in formulas, please make them unique, e.g., prename_name_1.

In the keywords field, please fill in the classification of your subject, either following MSC 2000 or AMR. These classifications can be found in

Finally, click the submit button.

2nd step

Add additional authors (minimum fields required to fill in are name, e-mail, and organisation) if necessary. Please, indicate the presenting author. This is also necessary in case of only one author. Then click the back button.

3rd step

A list of all data of the abstract and a preliminary pdf-file are now displayed. Please click the refresh preview files button. Now the abstract can be checked again by clicking on the pdf file.

You are done. Should you wish to modify your abstract, please click on the edit symbol (a pencil) which brings you back to the original form. After changing you can submit again. In the header of the abstract, the items //TIME// and //LOCATION// appear, which will be filled in automatically by our system upon completion of the scientific program.

What is NOT allowed:

  • To start a new paragraph, please introduce a blank line. Do not use \\.
  • You cannot include figures in the abstract.
  • BiBTeX is not available. Also, the usual LATEX bibliography environment cannot be used.
  • Footnotes cannot be used.
  • You cannot upload word-documents.