Young Researchers' Minisymposium

YR Me4 Homogenization methods in multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials
Swantje Bargmann (TU Dortmund), Ilker Temizer (U Bilkent, Ankara)

The increasing interest in computational multiscale methods calls for homogenizations methods. Multiscale material modeling comes into place when the material’s underlying microstructure cannot be ignored. This is particularly important for heterogeneous materials. Bridging different scales usually leads to a large number of degrees of freedom and, thus, calls for homogenizations methods.

This Young Researchers’ Minisymposium addresses various aspects of homogenization methods in multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials and aims at providing a comprehensive uptodate overview on the topic. Problems from material science, biomechanics, mechanical engineering as well as numerical aspects are to be dealt with. Topics which will be discussed are a multiphysics homogenization technique for heterogeneous interfaces, the simulation of steels and the numerical homogenization of periodic microstructures under dynamical loading conditions and in the context of a kinematically extended macroscopic continuum theory. Moreover, multi-scale modeling approaches for gradient crystal plasticity in polycrystals as well as the respiratory system against the background of acute lung diseases and mechanical ventilation are introduced.

Swantje Bargmann (TU Dortmund): Computational mechanics-based modeling of size-dependent hardening in polycrystals

Ilker Temizer (U Bilkent, Ankara): A finite deformation homogenization framework for elastohydrodynamic lubrication

Daniel Balzani (U Duisburg-Essen): Simulation of two-phase steels based on statistically similar representative volume elements

Ralf Jaenicke (U Saarland): Wave propagation in periodic microstructures: An extended continuum approach

Ulrike Schmidt (U Erlangen-NĂĽrnberg): Multi-scale simulation of mechanical and non-mechanical problems

Lena Wiechert (TU MĂĽnchen): Towards a multi-scale model of the respiratory system